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Vendée en Été (pt. 2)

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Photos from last summer in France.

Mme. Augustine Guérin of Vix and her slightly unsettling garden of curiosities.

words fail me.

Macsen kept threatening me to be good or else he would leave me in Mme. Augustine's garden overnight.

Vendée ham and mogette ~ langoustines with homemade mayonnaise

fleur de sel chèvre

WWII memorial with the union flag upside down.. oh well, it's the the thought that counts. ;)

Jackie buying fresh garlic and looking pretty happy about it.


Philip opening the veuve

grilling the monkfish

grilled garlic and pepper monkfish

garden grown tomatoes and green beans with roast pink veal

relaxing listening to music

La Venise Verte

bike race through the village

perrier tranche ~ caramel with fleur de sel and pistachio ice cream... omg!

This may come as a surprise, but I only eat meat maybe once or twice a week and on special occasions, the rest of the time I happily live on pulses, fruits, and vegetables. The beef dish above is one of the few meat dishes standing between me and vegetarianism, it is that good. (Not sure if I could ever go all the way vege, the meat dishes I love I really, really love.) It is made by the local butcher in Luçon who bought the butcher shop from the previous owner only on the pretext that he be given the secret recipe and method on how it is made. The process is so lengthy that the butcher only makes it once a year, the most that I know is that it is slow cooked in vegetable stock multiple times and pressed with gelatin and salt until it melts on the tongue as soon as you put in your mouth. It is seriously good and the last two years that we were lucky enough to be there when he made his annual batch the entire block disappeared within minutes, there is no "saving some for later", it is impossible to stop until every last bit is gone.

mozzarella, tomato, and cucumber salad with purple basil

bread with tail

Pyrénées pasta and pistachio pesto (bought when we were in Sicily) with squid, octopus,
mussels, and langoustines in a fresh tomato and basil sauce.

I have fond memories of this dish.

a selection of patisserie


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On July 11th, 2008 12:20 am (UTC), nomi commented:
Next time I'm in the town I'll give it a try.. I have to now, I'm too curious. :)
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