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17 August
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abandoned cities, accents, aesthetics, airplane contrails, alethiometer, aloof proof, alternate reality games, ambient, ambient films, andrei tarkovsky, architecture, artificial intelligence, astronomy, banksy, being in love, belgian beer, billie holiday, biosphere, blackberries (the fruit), boards of canada, bollywood, brian eno, burial, camille, carl sagan, cheese, chiaroscuro, cocoons, cocteau twins, coffeehouses, cognitive science, cooking, creating music mixes, dark humour, david attenborough, documentaries, dollboy, douglas adams, douglas hofstadter, drone, dubstep, eastern europe, eclipses, environmentalism, erlend øye, escapism, fractals, franz schubert, friends speaking native languages, future sound of london, gaming, gang of four, ginger, harold budd, hieronymus bosch, hiking, honey on toast, innocence mission, interconnection, interpreting light, italo calvino, jacques cousteau, jan saudek, jan svankmajer, jan vermeer, jans.. lots of jans, john peel, jon hassell, joy division, jóhann jóhannsson, kate bush, kinetics, kraftwerk, kriek, krzysztof kieslowski, laurie anderson, linguistics, local and seasonal food, madronas, making lists, martin parr, max richter, metamorphosis, moroccan mint tea, museums, muslimgauze, my bloody valentine, nature, nature reclaiming land, nebulas, nectarines, net.art, neuroscience, orchards, orchids, pablo picasso, pacific northwest, paleo-future, panserbjørne, passion, philip glass, photographing paintstrokes, photography, piano, picnics, pistachios, portishead, programming, quiet moments, robert fripp, robert rich, roberto matta, ryuichi sakamoto, san juan islands, scandinavia, science, sensuality, shirin neshat, sigur rós, sinclair island, skull disco, snarg.net, sonic youth, stargazing, stars of the lid, steve reich, steve roach, sushi, susumu yokota, synaesthesia, techno baroque, thai iced tea, the residents, theatre, theo jansen, thomas fehlmann, tidalpools, tim hecker, trains, traveling, underappreciated cinematographers, using indoor furniture outdoors, vietnamese food, wet cobblestones, william basinski, william eggleston, wine, writing, yann tiersen, zbigniew preisner

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