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yummy music..

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I am talking to Max on icq and watching videos on launch.com, and I just had the most vivid memory come back to me. I was just watching the Enigma - Sadness video, and I flashed back to laying in the pitch dark on my bunk bed on Sinclair Island (tiny island in the San Juans where I lived for 5 years) when I was 10, with my walkman and headphones listening to the radio station from Bellingham.. and hearing that song for the first time.. I remember getting shivers all over my body, and being amazed at what music could do to me.

I love music that I've grown up with, it can completely transport me back to being a child again, or any point in my past. I get that with Kate Bush and Siouxsie & The Banshees. I've been listening to them since I was born (through parents) and from age 6 on my own. I used to listen to them all the time.. they're so engraved into my mind now.

There's some artists/songs that I associate very strongly to certain times and people in my life (I'm sure everyone has those)..

Kate Bush & Siouxsie - All of my childhood. I used to ride my bike, run through the woods, dance around my room, etc. to those tapes. For certain songs I would visualize things, and I still see the same images when I listen to them now. Kate Bush also makes me think of a long-time best friend, Becca.

Julee Cruise & Enya - I associate both with the moon. My parents would listen to those cds all the time (and got me hooked in the process), and quite often I'd go to sleep hearing them. The most vivid memories were as a little girl laying in bed thinking, listening to the music, and watching the moon slowly make its way from one side of my window to the other. Enya is very linked to Sinclair Island for me, I sometimes get a bit emotional still if I listen to her. (Living on the island was one of the most euphoric times in my life.)

Dead Can Dance - Lots of memories for that.. too many to count. Brendan Perry has the sexiest voice. "The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove" was always a good song for those heartbroken moments.

Sky Cries Mary - A favorite, reminds me of a lot of good times and friends. Mostly from The New Bohemian Coffeehouse, which my parents owned in Anacortes for 2 years.
Other music I associate with The Bohemian: The Beatles "Rocky", a few local bands, and various techno cds.

The Violent Femmes - My dad used to put the record on when I was little, and apparently I'd always start screaming because I hated it. (I don't recall any of this. ;) I rediscovered the record at age 12 with my friend Caitlin. We would play it over and over, singing along with "Add It Up" and "Blister In The Sun". We also had a special fondness for Tommy James and The Shondells "Crimson And Clover". Hehe.

The Cure - My dad was in a band in Seattle during the 70s-80s, and played the bass guitar. I'm not sure if that's the reason, but I've always had a real penchant for a good bass line, and because of this "A Forest" is one of my favorite songs of theirs. I used to always crank it whenever I had the chance. I wanted to play the bass for the longest time, and would practice a bit on my dad's, but never put enough dedication into it to be decent. Maybe I'll try it again someday if I get the desire.

Nirvana & Beck - Will always remind me of one of my closest (and most infuriating ;) friends through 6th-10th grade, Heidi. We were quite insane together, most of the time. I also saw Beck in concert in 94', I had such a crush.

Portishead - Almost wore the cd out. Mostly attributed to feeling lonely and melancholy, or just mellow in general.

Sonic Youth - My early teen years. More specifically the record store in Anacortes, "The Business" where I had a crush on a friend a few years older than me who worked there. He was a major Sonic Youth fan, and I'd use it as an excuse to talk to him. I knew he wasn't interested in me, but we would still joke around together sometimes. He died of cancer a few years ago.

Tori Amos, Bjork, Garbage, Rasputina, The Innocence Mission, The Cranes - I enjoy singing along to these. I'm sure I have a crap singing voice, but sometimes it feels so good to have that release. I have so many memories for each of those that I wouldn't know where to begin.

Depeche Mode - Lots of memories, mostly calm and serene. Another sexy voice, I'm a sucker for a deep singing voice I guess. Seems like such a girly thing to admit. Heh.

Nine Inch Nails - Breakup with first serious boyfriend. The cd "Pretty Hate Machine" helped me through that one. For various reasons I went into a bad depression and went on Zoloft, an anti-depressant, for a few months. Never go on that stuff. I felt like an emotional zombie, and everyone I know that have been on it has said the same thing. Also reminds me of a friend that I haven't talked to in a few years and Matt. I can't listen to NIN much anymore now because of the memories attached to it. (No offense to you, m00t. :)

Janes Addiction, Porno For Pyros, Belly - Jason. He digs on Perry Farrell. My friends and I would hang out at his house almost every evening, he's a wonderfully talented musician and we would always have a good laugh together.

Future Sound Of London - Playing the game Quake, funnily enough. It's a surreal soundtrack for that. "Lifeforms" is food for my soul.. I love it.

Rage Against The Machine, 311, Dead Kennedys, misc. Punk - Parties (311) and/or the times when I felt like screaming.

Lords Of Acid - Sex.. um. What else? LOA can always make me laugh.

Blondie and a few others I don't remember - Karaoke with Gael in Antwerp, Belgium. Scary.

Ani Difranco - Break-up with 2nd serious boyfriend. (Okay, so it reminds me of other things as well, but her music was extremely helpful for the healing process after that.) Saw her in concert twice. Both beautiful evenings.

Run Lola Run, Sisters of Mercy - Brian, a dear friend who introduced me to both.

Juno Reactor, Underworld, Autechre, Aphex Twin, Kraftwerk - I love these guys. Reminds me of staying home, being on the computer, turning the volume up very loud, and losing myself in the music.

Cocteau Twins - Gael. She introduced me to them, a long time ago, and they will always remind me of her. Gael has a beautiful singing voice, quite similar to Elizabeth Frazer's.

Morcheeba - Getting ready for work in London. I'd listen to it almost every morning, always put me in a good, mellow mood.

Tool, Jewel, Fastball - My friend Steve.

Skinny Puppy "Smothered Hope" - Those emotional times. This is one I like to listen/sing along to when I'm upset or pissed off. It is a song I really love, though I can't explain why.

Morphine, Soul Coughing, Fiona Apple - Lagos (who sent me my first mp3, many years ago. Led me down the path of corruption. Love ya.) And lots of fun/sad good/bad times.

Massive Attack, Saint Etienne, Air, Tricky, Talvin Singh, Portishead, Unkle, Gomez, The Orb, Underworld - All cds that Max burned and sent to me from England when we first started talking - I had liked most of these for awhile, and a couple of them he introduced me to a few years ago.

MC Solaar and French rap - Driving through France with Max, listening to the radio. Hilarious.

Pavement "Carrot Rope", Blur "Coffee & TV", Finley Quaye "Even After All", Pizzicato Five, Cassius "1999",The Beautiful South "Perfect 10", Teenage Fanclub, The Stone Roses 'Fools Gold" - All remind me of Max too.

Anyway, this list isn't all-inclusive, of course.

I'm probably not interesting anyone but myself with this.. but that's fine, I just felt like writing it.

I was planning on staying up all night and day, but on second thought a couple hours sleep might be a good idea.
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On November 11th, 2000 11:22 am (UTC), pry commented:
A friend has sent me alot of Fiona Apple songs, shes a great singer. She had a fantastic voice and seems to be able to sing in alot of different ways and moods :)
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On November 11th, 2000 05:23 pm (UTC), nomi replied:
Re: Fiona
I do like how unusual her voice and singing style is. Another fun one to sing along to. :)
* * *
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On November 11th, 2000 10:53 am (UTC), brightwyrm commented:
You get a Gold Star. Your musical selections are officially worthy. Run Lola Run is responsible for an amazing amount of speeding tickets world wide. Or so I'm told by people who haven't crashed their cars.
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On November 11th, 2000 05:17 pm (UTC), nomi replied:
Hehe, yeah I can imagine it makes good driving music. The music I'll always associate with cars is Sky Cries Mary "This Timeless Turning". My ex-bf and I were listening to that while we got into a nasty wreck. Kind of a weird association, I know.

* * *
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On November 11th, 2000 11:22 am (UTC), poisonous commented:
I know what you mean...
Naomi, I have the same affiliation with music! Cocteau Twins and Cab Calloway reminds me of the coffee house! That was such a sweet time in my life and because of the time I had at the coffee house, I formed the person I wanted to be! I never knew that there was so much music and art and that I was artistic and people thought I was beautiful until I met Gael and Jef and you at the coffee house! So thank you for being a part of my life! I cherish you! Phoebe Snow reminds me of romantic evenings with Lou- a great lover! Loreena McKennitt reminds me of living in Friday Harbor under the Italian Restaurant and the last time I broke my ankle! I love how music makes me feel surreal and peaceful! It takes me away to a world that you can not get to by any other means! Thank you for sharing your thoughts on music! Rubylee
[User Picture]
On November 11th, 2000 05:22 pm (UTC), nomi replied:
Re: I know what you mean...
Oh yes, Cab Calloway will always remind me of Gael and The Bohemian too! It also reminds me of when we let the Spanish owner of a pub near our apartment in Antwerp borrow the cd. He didn't speak any English, but he loved Calloway!

I think of Deep Forest, and the Bjork "Debut" (I was listening to it a lot at the time) album for you. Especially Deep Forest for vising you in Friday Harbor. (I'm sure you know why.. :)

Loreena McKennit reminds me of living at my mom's. I used to listen to her a lot there.
* * *
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On November 11th, 2000 11:57 am (UTC), m00t commented:
You know me, I take offense to everything (rather than "I hate everyone")
I won't take offense, I'm much the same way. If there was something I was really in to and someone that I cared a lot about was really in to it and then they did something to make me not be able to stand their existence for some reason I relate that thing to them and I can't do it anymore. Kinda suck :(

ZOLOFT BAD. DEPRESSION BETTER. Seriously. I'd rather be depressed than take that crap. I didn't feel any better, and I *couldn't* feel any better. I was stuck down wherever I was when I started taking it, there were no ups and downs. It was just a flat line at the bottom. At least when I'm not on it I can get manic some times...

I love garbage. Maybe I should post a list of the bands I like... but then everyone would bitch at me for the spam... ;)

311 is cool. Why do you think I joined the quake clan? ;)
Well, I guess it was because my friends were already in, but really, who would believe that?

[User Picture]
On November 11th, 2000 05:33 pm (UTC), nomi replied:
Re: You know me, I take offense to everything (rather than
Doesn't remind of anyone that I can't stand the existence of, it just brings back bad or sad memories. I have been able to listen to NIN more lately, and not have it affect me as much. Which is good!

I agree with the Zoloft thing, I'd rather be depressed than feel no emotion at all. I wrote a long letter to my counselor when I was 14 about why I thought it was a bad drug, and why she should stop pushing young teens into taking it. I doubt it ever changed her views, though.

"but then everyone would bitch at me for the spam... ;)"

Hehe you calling my post spam? I suppose it was..

I feel so trendy for liking 311, but they really grew on me the more I listened to them. I love all of "Transistor".. very good cd. I should buy it someday. :P
[User Picture]
On November 12th, 2000 01:04 am (UTC), m00t replied:
Re: You know me, I take offense to everything (rather than
No, I'm not saying it's spam.
It'd be spam if I posted it :P
I dunno.
I've got double standards I guess. Other people doing stuff is okay, but if I do it it's wrong.
* * *
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On November 12th, 2000 06:37 pm (UTC), gael commented:
musical memories...
Heya, I miss ICQ-ing you from the next room! I feel so out of touch now. *pout* :(

Love your post, though! Music's evocative power is such a wonderful thing. Isn't it amazing how sounds can transfer emotions so much more accurately than any spoken language?

And thanks so much for the compliment. *blush* It means a lot coming from you. :) Much as I love to sing, I am terribly self-conscious of my voice.
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On November 13th, 2000 02:03 am (UTC), nomi replied:
Re: musical memories...
yeah, it's like passing notes, I miss it too!

I'm so emotional with music, it's overwhelming sometimes.

And you shouldn't be self-concious of your voice (I know, easier said than done). Everyone I've known that have heard you sing all think you have a wonderful voice. I know Becca always used to say so as well.
* * *
On November 14th, 2000 09:09 am (UTC), tracey_live commented:
Excellent Taste.....
Nomes, my dear.

What absolutely fantastic taste in music you have. It amazes me often just how much our taste in music is the same. Well said!

* * *
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On November 16th, 2000 02:44 pm (UTC), banshee commented:
Hey - have you been into my CD collection?

most alarming, though, is that your parents played you Julee Cruise and the Violent Femmes when you were little...

I think I'll go take a calcium supplement before I break a hip...
[User Picture]
On November 16th, 2000 05:26 pm (UTC), nomi replied:
I was about 3-4 years old when they'd play Violent Femmes. They dug on Julee Cruise from hearing her first on the Twin Peaks soundtrack, but never let me watch Twin Peaks (I was always upset over that). They thought it would give me nightmares.. now that I've seen it (and the mystery is gone)they were probably right.

Hey, I should be taking calcium supplements.. I may only be 20, but my body feels about 74 lately. Heh.

* * *

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