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Gael in London

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Gael arrived in Heathrow Airport, London at 8:00pm. Her luggage arrived a day later by way of a nice Sikh man who was having a "very bad day."

Wonderful and emotional to see her again after nine long months apart. Here follows many photos of Gael in various locations around London as I continually thought to myself, "omg it's Gael! Here! In our world!"

The first evening we caught up with each other over leffe and pumpkin ravioli. The next day I showed her around the Kingston town centre as she adjusted to the time zone. We ate organic pizza and she was bemused by the egg on top of her fiorentina. The rest of the day was spent in our garden, blissfully laying in the sun and chatting-- totally at ease and happy to simply be in each other's company.

That evening we had a few drinks at our local pub and cooked a delicious dinner consisting of delicatessen prosciutto and melon, grilled swordfish with lavender pepper, potato purée, and chocolate soufflés.

food paparazzi

Macsen making purée with the mouli.

The next day I showed Gael around Soho, ate mille-feuille at Patisserie Valerie, and walked through Trafalgar Square. Met Macsen for a few pints at The White Horse and then went for a curry at Spice Spice where I had rogan josh and Gael the korma. Macsen tormented me with his chillies, which resulted in emergency lassi ordering.

Look familiar? @ Patisserie Valerie in Soho.

The White Horse

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(Deleted comment)
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On June 23rd, 2004 05:30 pm (UTC), nomi replied:
I thought so. :)
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On June 23rd, 2004 07:25 am (UTC), kiad commented:
I love these glimpses into your world- Thank you.
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On June 23rd, 2004 05:06 pm (UTC), nomi replied:
The feeling is mutual. :)
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On June 23rd, 2004 07:53 am (UTC), scottobear commented:
hee.. both Macsen and Gael are so cute!

great shots, as always!
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On June 23rd, 2004 09:15 am (UTC), vizzygoth replied:
they really are adorable. so much beauty in your world, naomi! :)
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On June 23rd, 2004 05:28 pm (UTC), nomi replied:
Macsen is well chuffed to be called both "cute" and "adorable" today. ;)
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On June 23rd, 2004 05:07 pm (UTC), nomi replied:
cheers! I passed on the compliments. ;)
On June 23rd, 2004 06:34 pm (UTC), snej replied:
That Mousketeer hairdo of hers is the tops!

[And I don't think I've seen any photos of your guy before. He is handsome. Congrats.]

Sounds like a great visit, and I'm slightly jealous that her vacation came with sunshine! ;-)
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On June 24th, 2004 05:24 pm (UTC), nomi replied:
Gael has always been the Mistress of Cute Hairdos. :)

I've posted a few photos of him in the past, but he doesn't usually like me posting photos of him. Maybe all of these compliments will change his mind.

She scheduled her trip perfectly as far as the weather was concerned. The week before her arrival it was rainy and cold, the week she is here it was brilliantly sunny and warm, and the week after it's back to typhoon season. I've had to have the heat on for the first 3 days of summer-- something wrong with that. :)
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On June 23rd, 2004 11:45 am (UTC), langerdan commented:
Welcome back
Welcome back to the evils of the net. Missed your entries lots (withdrawl symptoms?) . Would you be offended if i said that Gael is RATHER attractive. If so i won't say it.
[User Picture]
On June 24th, 2004 05:30 pm (UTC), nomi replied:
Re: Welcome back
Thanks, always nice to be missed.

& yes, she's a doll!
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On June 24th, 2004 01:11 am (UTC), opalfruit commented:
I love the way your life looks...
I have that rug in the 2nd picture, though for me it acts as a sofa throw! :)
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On June 24th, 2004 05:37 pm (UTC), nomi replied:
It was actually on our sofa for awhile, but now it's our picnic blanket. Not bad for £5. ;)
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On June 24th, 2004 04:37 am (UTC), (Anonymous) commented:
:-) these pics of Gael put a smile on my face
I bet it was a wonderful visit. Gael looks so good, she indeed is cute with her hair this short. :-))
Love, @nnick.
[User Picture]
On June 24th, 2004 05:43 pm (UTC), nomi replied:
Re: :-) these pics of Gael put a smile on my face
We hope that next time she will stay longer and we'll take her to France and maybe stop through Belgium again, for old time's sake. :)

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