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Yann Tiersen live @ The Scala, London

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A few nights ago we saw Yann Tiersen in concert at The Scala, an artist who was near the top on my list of artists to see live in my lifetime. While he has recently moved away from his more classical music which I prefer and gone more "post-rock" (or whatever silly thing it's called) I still enjoyed the concert very much. It was a small and intimate venue, the kind I prefer, and it was sold out. I don't believe they could have squeezed one more person in, fortunately I found a step to stand on so I could see the stage clearly (I am a shorty, even with heeled boots on). Even so I couldn't see him play La Valse d'Amélie on the toy piano which I'm still pouting about, but I still feel lucky to have heard it live. :) The set was energetic and the crowd enthusiastic, especially when he brought out the violin and accordion. There were two encores and apparently the people who stuck around until after them were lucky enough to be given Yann's violin bows with broken strings, but we had the last train to catch which we ended up having to run for already.

Yann is much bigger in mainland Europe than he is in the UK and plays larger venues there, his popularity with Europe was apparent by the real mixture of languages being spoken around me. I was disappointed when I missed him playing in Paris when I was there in December, but now I am satisfied and pleased it turned out the way it did. Here is another review of the same concert; it is in French, but there's a link to translate it to "Googlenglish".

Below are some videos I took of the concert, the first two are full songs and the rest are clips. If you only have the time to watch one, I recommend the first. :) This new "embed" stuff for videos and other media confuses me and breaks my journal so I've provided the direct youtube links.

Yann Tiersen - Sur Le Fil


Yann Tiersen - Le Banquet


Yann Tiersen - La Terrasse


Yann Tiersen - La Boulange


Yann Tiersen - Monochrome


Yann Tiersen - Les Bras de Mer


Yann Tiersen - Violin Segment 1


Yann Tiersen - Violin Segment 2


"I like live gigs a lot. My life is divided into two parts really: the first part is being at home and coming up with new ideas and new music, and the second part is going out around the world and playing the new songs. The two are opposite in a way. I see touring as a gift that you earn after all the hard work of recording. Recording the album is like building your house, and being on stage is when you actually get to live in the house." - Yann Tiersen

Yann Tiersen - La Crise (from On Tour DVD)

Yann Tiersen - La Valse d'Amélie (from On Tour DVD)

Yann Tiersen - Le Quartier (@ Ile du gaou, France)

Yann Tiersen - Les Bras De Mer (from On Tour DVD)

Yann Tiersen - Le Quartier (from On Tour DVD)

Yann Tiersen - Western (from On Tour DVD)

Yann Tiersen & Stuart Staples (Tindersticks) - A Secret Place (from Les Retrouvailles DVD)

Yann Tiersen - A Secret Place (from On Tour DVD)

Yann Tiersen - Le Banquet (from On Tour DVD)

Yann Tiersen - Le Train (from On Tour DVD)

Yann Tiersen - State of Shock (from On Tour DVD)

As a side note I want to see Colleen and Triosk at The Luminaire tonight so bad, but it sold out quickly. Maybe next time!
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On July 26th, 2007 10:16 am (UTC), krisochka commented:
Hello, Naomi! Will pleasantly get acquainted with you. It was interesting to read your LJ. there was only one composer for me all in my life, the composer - the God.... Beethoven. And recently ( I was deaf person!) I heard Tiersen.... Now I'm really in doubt. Cheers from Belarus!
It is nice to read you. Kristina:)
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On July 27th, 2007 02:22 pm (UTC), nomi replied:
Hi Kristina, (I know your name now. :) I'm happy you enjoy his music as much as I do, I don't believe there are many living composers as talented as Yann Tiersen. He works are beautiful and full of life and longing. As far as non-living composers go, you have good taste.. Beethoven is special to me too. :) ~ Naomi
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