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Christmas in La Rochelle

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Normally the English Channel is stormy this time of year, but on this crossing the water was like rippled glass. I put on my headphones and drank tea while I listened to my latest mix and watched the waves gently undulate to the music; as the song transition went from Northern - Coasting ---> Iambic² - Regulus I felt blissfully happy. I love it when a mix, my own or a friend's, becomes like a familiar friend. There are many songs on it which nearly got the axe to make it shorter, but several of them have over time become my favorite transitions and I'm glad I kept them. As I hoped it has also helped me to sleep and it appears I'm not the only one as Gael, who has been sick most of the winter in true expat fashion, wrote this to me in an email:

"I've REALLY been enjoying your mix! It's kept me company several
nights when I couldn't quite sleep, but felt too crappy to get up. I just put
my headphones on, prop myself up in bed and relax to it. Wonderful!"

That alone made it worth the time. (If anyone missed the post or were unable to download my mix from the free services, snej has been kind enough to host it for me.)

We had a good Christmas in France with Philip and Jackie, we spent the eve and day in a hotel in La Rochelle which was wonderfully foggy. One of my favorite gifts from Macsen was a "sun in a jar", which is a glass jar with a solar panel in it that glows orange at night, he gave it to me because he knows I tend to feel down in the short winter days. His parents gave me a beautiful Baltic amber necklace and earrings, to "match your hair" they said. We had the most incredible meal on the eve, which will get its own post along with the rest of the food we ate that week - there was too much to fit in this post! The return overnight boat journey was stormy, we had a cabin and I slept on the top bunk (I called dibs) and the circular rocking of the immense ship was even stronger up there. Being practically raised on the sea it didn't bother me and I fell asleep listening to Burial, which seemed fitting for the weather (I slept with my camera in my arms to keep it safe from being smashed, how is that for love? ;)

arriving in caen

christmas morning

baltic amber necklace

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On January 11th, 2008 05:18 pm (UTC), nomi commented:
thank you! :) I see Macsen already gave you the link for the "sun in a jar", hopefully they ship to the US!

oh dear, the food, that's going to be a big post. ;)
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