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Macbeth and Siren's..

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Saturday Dad, Gael, and I saw Macbeth in the park and night they took me out for dinner and drinks at Siren's. Lord MacDuff (Eric), from Macbeth, was our bartender. My first legal drink with my parents in the states. The last time I drank legally with them was almost 5 years ago in Antwerp.

Quite possibly the best birthday card in the world.

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On September 4th, 2001 01:16 am (UTC), atlaz commented:
yay legal drinking!
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On September 4th, 2001 09:50 am (UTC), nomi replied:
and legal hangovers!
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On September 4th, 2001 07:24 am (UTC), gracejustis commented:
That Is the best birthday card in the whole world. It's now on my desk top. :) Or should I say :) :)?
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On September 4th, 2001 09:51 am (UTC), nomi replied:
It makes me giggle. I tried to take a better photo of it so the kitty's fangs were more visible, but my batteries ran out.
On September 4th, 2001 11:36 am (UTC), gracejustis replied:
There we go, the perfect happy icon!
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On September 4th, 2001 11:56 am (UTC), nomi replied:
That's perfect!

I just took a few photos of the card using a flash and natural light. Kitty fangs are more prominent, but I liked the old photograph feel of the one taken in yellow light.

On September 4th, 2001 12:16 pm (UTC), gracejustis replied:
More detail makes for a good solo kitty icon :) But I agree, I like the yellow tones.

(if you want either icon, you can have 'em. After all, it is your birthday card ;) But I wanna keep one!)
On September 4th, 2001 12:18 pm (UTC), gracejustis replied:
There's the kitty icon in question.
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On September 4th, 2001 12:52 pm (UTC), nomi replied:
Re: Oops!
I love it. Hooray for fang kitty!
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On September 4th, 2001 12:51 pm (UTC), nomi replied:
Thanks! And of course you can keep one. :)
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On September 4th, 2001 10:28 am (UTC), tully_monster commented:
Hah! I sent that same card to my younger sister a couple years ago, because I was so tickled by it. The funny thing is that at age six she looked uncannily like that little girl in the picture--missing teeth, kitten, and all.
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On September 4th, 2001 11:13 am (UTC), nomi replied:
We're talking about picking up a few more for other people, it is such a perfect photograph. The little girl reminds me of photos I've seen of my mother when she was that age. :)
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On November 6th, 2001 11:54 pm (UTC), spiraley commented:
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On November 7th, 2001 11:31 pm (UTC), nomi replied:
hah, the expression is quite similar. ;)
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