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Mexico City, friend from overseas, interconnection.

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This was a fast week, I can't believe it's Friday already.

My parents arrived home from Mexico City on Tuesday night. Gael never had trouble with her asthma there but on the last day she contracted food poisoning from drinking pulque near the Aztec pyramids. Arcangel (check out his website, bakteria.org, I love it!) insisted they try it, even though they were feeling pretty suspect about it. Turns out they should have followed their instincts. Still they had what sounds like a wonderful adventure, met some fun people, and ate great food. Their performance at the Museo Tamayo was a success. About 300 people had reservations to see them perform the music and art from snarg (clink link to see some stills from Mexico) and there was a press conference afterward. Everyone seemed to enjoy the performance. I hope my dad makes a video clip from his camera so I can show you. The rest of the week they spent exploring the city and surrounding country with Arcangel. They said that Arcangel's appearance and mannerisms reminded them a lot of Max. I can definitely see it from the video they showed me. :) Gael will be working on a travelogue and photos in the next few weeks.

On Wednesday the 24th a friend from Belgium, Erland, visited us. While my dad was in Antwerp giving lectures at an art university 5 years ago he met Erland through our friend Serge at a workshop in Leuven. Erland had worked with Serge at a company called Arkaos. On a side note I'll mention something interesting that happened recently concerning Serge. I met him in Antwerp in 96' when I lived there with my parents. He became a very close friend of ours and I met up with him again in early 99' when I went to London to visit Max. Now fast forward a couple years... Max and I met larissa on livejournal and he recently had dinner with her and her boyfriend in London. They ended up discussing France and Lara's boyfriend mentioned that he wanted to visit his friend Serge there. Max couldn't believe it when he found out it was the same Serge. (Lara mentions this here). It's truly a small interconnected world, especially where computers are concerned.

gael erland skipping stones

Anyway, Erland is originally from Victoria, B.C. and he was "in the area" visiting family so he decided to visit us too and ended up spending the night. Gael and I cooked roast chicken and vegetables and Erland provided the wine. We ended up discussing everything from Belgian bureaucracy (Erland has lived in Belgium for the past 12 years) to the moon (like why the moon looks like a crescent here, but in Mexico it looks like a crescent on it's back. Anyone care to explain this? I'm sure the answer is very simple, but we weren't able to come up with anything satisfactory). I feel very at ease around Erland -- he's highly intelligent (he speaks 5 languages), courteous, and easy going. We had a wonderful time and look forward to meeting up with him again on some continent, sometime.

erland rowing erland on the beach
erland & gael jef & erland

A few days ago a CD-RW arrived as a late Christmas present from Max. I had some problems with drivers so a few of the cds I've attempted to burn so far have become coasters. It is fixed now and I've been spending all my free time the last couple days archiving off my thousands of photographs, log files, and emails. I would have been devastated if my hard drives crashed and I lost over 7 years worth of information. I had some of it backed up here and there, but not enough. Also now I can start making my own mix cds for work and friends which I've wanted to do for a long time. :)
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On April 26th, 2002 06:42 pm (UTC), celie commented:
lovely post and pics, again. thanks!
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On April 26th, 2002 11:15 pm (UTC), nomi replied:
thanks for reading, celie. :)
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On April 27th, 2002 08:19 am (UTC), mittenstein commented:
pulque? I wouldn't drink that, and I drink everything.
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On April 27th, 2002 08:53 am (UTC), nomi replied:
I think they were a bit nuts to drink it. After they had some the woman took the cup they drank it out of and swished it around in a bucket of dirty water. They knew they were doomed then.

Though Gael keeps trying to put the blame on the McDonald's they had to eat at the airport. ;)
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On April 27th, 2002 09:04 am (UTC), mittenstein replied:
they had to? wait, there are at least ten other places from which to eat at the food court in the mexico city airport.

at least she didn't get diphteria, like an ex-girlfriend of mine did for eating street tacos.
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On April 27th, 2002 09:10 am (UTC), nomi replied:
Well apparently because of heir time limit McDonald's was their only choice. If they had an alternative I'm sure they would have taken it.

..street tacos. heh.

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On May 1st, 2002 12:20 am (UTC), nomi replied:
Heh my dad just brought up this post and he said they didn't eat McDonald's at the Mexico City airport, but in San Francisco. I guess that explains why they didn't go to the other places you mentioned. :)
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On May 1st, 2002 07:27 am (UTC), mittenstein replied:
Ah. They're forgiven, I guess.
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On May 8th, 2002 04:28 am (UTC), gulch replied:
Street tacos.... mmmmm

I spent all my time in Luxor, Egypt eating street falafels off a guy called Kojak (apparently the other street traders gave him this nickname once when he shaved his head... the hair had long since grown back but the name stuck. Gill had lots of plaited hair-extensions when we were in Egypt, hence was known as "Bob Marley Rasta Woman" by all the street traders).

The falafels were gorgeous, and about as cheap as breathing. Bit scary looking at the salad bowl black with flies before he made them though. It was a game of chicken which we won.
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On April 27th, 2002 04:21 pm (UTC), (Anonymous) commented:
actually it's called pulque (pull-kay), but yeah, it can make you puque (poo-kay) :)

Anonymous Mariachi
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On April 27th, 2002 04:27 pm (UTC), nomi replied:
Re: puque
ah yes, I couldn't remember how she said it was spelled.
Thanks.. but yes, poo-kay is definitely a more apt description of the result. ;)
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